Through our services and programs, we can help maximize success in creating "career savvy" job candidates.


JobsConnect Pathway

The JobsConnect Pathway is designed to provide job seekers with highly sought-after credentials in a short period of time. The Pathway is suited for job seekers who are ready to go directly into the workforce. The JobsConnect Pathway is suited for job seekers who are ready to go directly into the workforce.

Participants will earn the following credentials in two weeks or less:

  • OSHA 10 Certification for General Industry
  • Lean/Yellow Belt Certification
  • Working Smart (HRD) Certification
  • Career Readiness Certificate

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is an academic program designed to give qualified students an opportunity to combine theory learned in the classroom with work experience. Work-Based Learning awards academic credit toward graduation for part-time work experience that is closely related to a student’s field of study. This work is an integral part of a student’s education.

The purpose of this program is to promote the personal, educational, and career development of the student and is largely dependent on the cooperation of employers and educators working together. While doing so, employers are introduced to new talent emerging from Surry Community College and can benefit from the skills and knowledge students have gained in the classroom.

What steps are involved employing a Work-Based Learning student?

  1. The employer contacts the SCC WBL coordinator at (336) 386-3291 to list employment needs.
  2. The employer receives referrals of college students who have met requirements and have been screened according to employer specifications.
  3. The employer interviews student referrals, makes the job offer, and informs the college.
  4. The employer, student, and college enter into a written agreement outlining mutual responsibilities and understandings.
  5. The student works according to a training agreement developed for the position (Measurable Learning Objectives).
  6. A Surry Community College faculty representative visits the student and supervisor during the work period to discuss the student’s progress.
  7. The on-site supervisor completes an evaluation form each semester. The employer is encouraged to discuss this evaluation with the student.


Jobs Connect / Workforce Specialist
(336) 386-3291